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            View    New York - Jul 2006
                                New York - Jul 2006

            View    Agnes' trip to Poland 2013 - Aug 2013
                                Agnes' trip to Poland for her mother's funeral - Aug 2013

            View    Magazine Covers   "IN PROGRESS with new updates periodically"
                                Magazine Covers

            View    Remodeling the Condo
                                I guess I'm not so dumb after all

            View    Wisconsin - Fall and Winter 2011/12
                                Fall 2011 and New Years Day 2012

            View    Posters from Trader Joe

            View    Tom & Kathy's Wedding
                                "Once upon a May, 2011 to be exact..."

            View    2011 Northlake Flood
                                It rained hard early Saturday morning on July 23. Here are a few photos...

            View    4th of July Weekend (2010) in Wisconsin   
                                Annual 4th of July jaunt to Wisconsin. Here are a few photos from the 2010 trip...

            View    Ukrainians
                                "Who are the Ukrainians??" you ask with the same voracious quest for knowledge that drives
                                you to read the Enquirer. Perhaps if you know what they do, it might give you some insight as
                                to who they are. So what are you waiting for? Click view and sneek a peek.

            View    Class of 2010 Graduation - Set 1

            View    Class of 2010 Graduation - Set 2

            View    Mount Rainier
                                It started as an expedition. It ended up a day trip.

            View    Niagara Falls 2006
                                She said, "Let's go to New York City."
                                I said, "Let's visit Niagara on the way," ... "knowing" it would salvage an otherwise disasterous trip.

            View    New York City 2006

            View    Photos from Yesteryear

            View    Sketches

            View    Coin(s) of the Realm
                                Pocket change you almost don't wanna spend.

            View    Miscellaneous Photos I